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With a new brand launch in the summer of 2018, Gartner also wanted to take a closer look at how two of their more recent premier products were being messaged.  Poised to disrupt the value models of consulting services as the industry knows it, their sales teams were having a difficult time gaining traction with new clients.  We streamlined the messaging both internally and externally to create a clearer, more immediate connection to the value proposition.


For Invision Communications

As pioneers in the medical cannabis retail evaluation centers and offices up and down the state of California, MediCann needed a marketing and messaging strategy to accompany the launch of their primary care services offering on their tenth year anniversary.  Anticipating a conversion rate of up to 85%, the challenge was as much an operational messaging strategy as a pure marketing opportunity.


Alpine Meadows has always offered skiers something a little different than other Tahoe resorts.  Capitalizing on the unique terrain that attracts a 'certain type of skier' and a new positioning platform, a detailed marketing strategy including a comprehensive customer profile, media mix, partner evaluation criteria, watch outs and a creative brief was crafted to help re-build critical mass as they sought a buyer.


For Sterling Brands

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